What folks are saying about Red

Red Morgan is a consummate professional. He understands the conceptual goals of an assignment and creates dynamic images that communicate. He has great command of his medium with superior technical expertise and attention to detail. Most importantly, Red has a classic and tasteful visual sensibility. His pictures are beautiful. He is a gentleman, has a great ability to engage with people and will always produce a first-rate professional image.

Scott Mlyn  –  Photo Editor, CNBC

Red Morgan is the best kind of perfectionist — a talented one.  His photojournalism is unique and outstanding.

Carl Hiaasen  –  Author

Red worked simultaneously at another Florida newspaper during my tenure at the Gainesville Sun. He was greatly respected by peers as someone who could consistently make strong images from all manner of typical newspaper assignments. He was known for a unique vision and ability to make friends with his subjects, leading to strong human interest photography.

He is warm, outgoing, and results-oriented. His enthusiasm and passion for visual communication have always impressed his peers and helped contribute to his longevity as a working photographer, along with a curiosity and openness that have continually served as a propellant to advance his storytelling skills.

I have valued him always as a kindred spirit and person who can produce results.

Tom Kennedy  –  Kennedy Multimedia LLC  –  Former Director of Photography, National Geographic Society

Red Morgan is awesome.  He has a unique eye that captures the soul of what the camera sees. His work is art that has feeling, emotion and commitment.  He’s the William Faulkner of photography and I am very proud the land which gave birth to the greatest writer of fiction of the 20th Century also gave birth to Red Morgan.

Ed Meek  –  Publisher Oxford, Mississippi

Back when I was a reporter for the Miami Herald, I was fortunate enough to draw many assignments with Red Morgan.  There were none better.  Red works smart as a bird dog and has the eye of a poet.

Ken Wells  –  Author

Strong concepts and striking design are what I demand in my work.  In order for me to succeed, I work with people who share this vision.  It’s fun working with Red because he’s creative, professional and always comes through.  He makes my projects easier for me and the people we work with…and, I dig the fact that he works barefoot.

Vincent DeMarinis  –  Creative Director

Red Morgan is an adept and thoughtful photographer whom I have used to shoot fashion, lifestyle, and aerials.  Well thought out imagery conveys feelings many can’t capture on film.  Morgan conquers challenges others walk away from.  I have put him to the test on many occasions and he always delivers the goods.  Always a professional, he is quick, alert, and creative.

Keith A. Conzett  –  Director of Advertising

I’ve always been impressed by the quality of Red’s work.  He has always delivered what was asked for and then something more.  He pays great attention to detail, he’s thoughtful, he’s dependable, he’s resourceful and as a photo editor I never worry when Red is on the job.

Cathy Mather  –  Photo Editor

Red combines his technical know-how and attention to details with a sensitive and creative eye; the results are always better than expected if not spectacular. He communicates well and has a knack for putting his subjects at ease. He is 100% trustworthy when it comes to his work and his integrity.

Tony Arruza  –  Photographer

What can I say about Red Morgan other than he is an energetic, creative individual with unsurpassed “people” skills. Red is comfortable and responsive in any situation you put him in from corporate photography to fast moving news events. Use him for your project and you won’t regret it.

Doyle Smith  –  Cinematographer

So who is this Red Morgan character and what help (or harm) might he do me?  I’m here to ease your mind, assuage your fears, set you free – at least on the subject of one Talmadge Red Morgan.  We go back a ways, to the rough and ready era of The Miami Herald’s Palm Beach County Bureau of the early 1980s.  Yes, we were a bit rough at times – but we always were ready.  Neither Red nor I ever heard about a good news story we didn’t pursue to the hilt.  It didn’t matter what time of the day or night.  It didn’t matter how big or small.  Not much mattered other than whether we thought our readers wanted it.  I’ve been in the newspaper/magazine business now nearly 40 years and I still haven’t met a better photographer-journalist than Red Morgan.  Red has a tremendous eye for an image, and he can spot a good news story a mile away.

I’m in a newspaper/magazine war?  Give me Red Morgan.  We’ll win.

Chris Mobley  –  President American Lawyer Media